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Long Distance Relationships

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Dear Long Distance Lover,

Are you currently in a Long Distance Relationship or are you about to start one?

Search No More, You Are About To Discover The Proven Secrets You Can Use to Manage Your Long Distance Relationship.


If you are looking for a guide that can help you to manage your Long Distance Relationship, you’ve visited the right place. In the next 10 minutes, I am going to reveal the secrets on how you can manage your love relationship from the distance with ease and fun......

My name is Alex Chew, the author of the best selling Manage Your Way to A Perfect Distance Guide. In this simple and practical guide, I am going to lead you step by step the moment you enter into a Long Distance Relationship until it graduates into a higher level. 

(P/S : In case you want to know, I have been there and I know the pain and gain of having and maintaining a Long Distance Relationship. My objective here is to part all the knowledge that I have gained and learned throughout my LDR years to you.)

By the way, before we go any further, let me clear the air here. First of all, we may have never met but my guess is that you arrive to this website for some of the reasons below:-


  • You are about to start a Long Distance Relationship but you are not sure whether such relationship will work. Everyone you know disapproved your intention to start the relationship but deep inside you want to prove them wrong but you do not have a single reference to support your intention. 


  • You have just started a Long Distance Relationship with your partner and you are very frustrated with the current situations. You found your emotional stress is running high and you are unable to handle the pain of not having your partner around. You know that you must do something in order for you to manage your stress but you do not know how or who to turn too.  


  • You are currently in a Long Distance Relationship but found that you are unable to handle the skyrocketing telephone bills. You want to find other alternative to reduce the cost of the telephone bills but you are completely lost as all the information you gathered seems to be very misleading.


  • You are currently having problems with your long distance partner and you do not know how to solve it in the soonest possible manner. You want to learn all the secrets to a successful Long Distance Relationship since you love your partner very much and you do not want the distance to ruin it.


  • Your Long Distance Relationship may seem to be heading nowhere and you found that there are no more excitements in your relationship. You want to find a way to spice up your current situations but the physical distance hinder you from doing so.


  • Your long distance relationship partner is about to come back and apart from feeling excited you also experiencing some stress which you do not know why. You want to know whether the period of the long distance relationship has affected you and you want to know how you can manage the homecoming of your partner. 


The list can go on and on but as long as your questions are related to Long Distance Relationship (LDR), I can assure you that most of your questions about LDR can be answered here.

Proven Step-By-Step Guide on How you can manage your Long Distance Relationships effectively. 

Guaranteed or Your Money Back!


"I manage to accept the fact that I am in a long distance relationship now"

Without the guidance in from this guide, I can assure you that the distance relationship that I have with my boyfriend will fail. The resources listed in this book is simple and easy to understand. The approaches are down to earth and practical. 

It's the one resource I can count on in helping me through my Long Distance Relationship. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to effectively manage their Long Distance Relationship

- Edward J., Vancouver, Canada

  (Satisfied Customer)



Dear Friends,

Let us analyze the below questions :-

If I could show you a method to manage your Long Distance Relationship in fun and exciting way and it does not cost any additional expenses, what would it be worth to you?

Many people thinks that a Long Distance Relationship is one of the hardest relationship to maintain due to all the problems that are associated to the distance but..... let me assure you that...                                                                             


   "Distance does not spell the end of a relationship"  


Although you may have been bombarded by lots of negative comment related to Long Distance Relationship, you must however realize that the physical distance is not or should not be the reason for failure in your long distance relationship.

As much as we want to believe that physical distance is the culprit, we just cannot put the blame on it. In fact we must realized that WE are the actual contributor to the failure or lost of a Long Distance Relationship.  

Therefore, before you could even get started, you must steer your mind clear from all the MYTHS that you have heard about LDR.

With proven scientific data and confession made by our research subject, this book will get to the bottom of all the myths that are related to a Long Distance Relationship. It will show you why all the believes are baseless and obsolete. 

In the course of Long Distance Relationship, you must also realize that...



" You are not Alone in the Quest "


One of the most comfortable things you should know about LDR is that you are not alone in facing it. In today’s fast shrinking world, couples in relationship often find themselves having to handle the "devil distance" at one point of their relationship due to work commitment, military deployment or studies. Hence you must not isolate yourself when you find yourself needing to go through a long distance relationship with your partner. 

Consider the below point carefully and you will discover more about the essential elements in managing a Long Distance Relationship. Our main objective here is to help you to gain better understanding about Long Distance Relationships.


Long Distance Relationship     Long Distance Relationship     Long Distance Relationship     Long Distance Relationship     Long Distance Relationship     Long Distance Relationship     Long Distance Relationship     Long Distance Relationship     Long Distance Relationship     Long Distance Relationship     Long Distance Relationship     Long Distance Relationship    


Below are some of the topics that can assist you in managing your Long Distance Relationships.

1) Handling and Managing Emotions

Going through a Long Distance Relationship can be very stressful to your mental health. No matter how much you have anticipated, you cannot avoid running away from the emotional torture throughout the period of your long distance relationships. Discovering the fact is just part of the game but the real test is when you face the distance relationship itself. 

Below are some of the emotional stress that you will experience in LDR...


  • Withdrawal Pain - The pain you feel initially when your partner first leave you on their journey. If  the stress is not properly managed, it could lead to serious mental stress. 


  • Sadness - Sadness could happen in LDR when you lose control of the environment. It could affect your ability to perform all the usual tasks if not managed properly.


  • Fear of Losing the Relationship - Fear of this kind will indirectly kill your LDR if you do not take proper action to eradicate it.


  • Excessive Worry - Excessive worry happens when you fear of something that has not happen in your LDR. You will waste a lot of time worrying in LDR if you let it out of control.


  • Loneliness - Loneliness is associated with the feeling of being disconnected from your partner in LDR. It could lead to several complications such as depression and anger if you do not solve the feeling of your loneliness in LDR.


  • Jealousy- Jealousy can destroy your long distance relationship if it is let out of control. 


Do the above stress sounds  familiar to you? I do not blame you for having such stress now because I went through all the stress myself. However, it is not too late because you still can overcome the stress easily. 


Having said that, can you solve all the stress without seeking help? What if I tell you that you can manage all the feeling with few simple steps? 



Well you can find a lot of books that talks about emotional stress but none of them are specifically design for Long Distance Relationship. Professional Counselor is another option but it will be very complicated, costly and perhaps time consuming. Moreover you may need to reveal your private life to someone that you do not know.  

We are very particular on a simple workable solutions and therefore, we have designed all the solutions base on simple life experiences on long distance relationship which other book fail to explore! In fact you can learn all the steps to eliminate your emotional stress at the comfort of your home and more importantly you can keep all the sensitive issues private. 


2)  7 Essential Elements in Long Distance Relationship

Further to the ability of handling your emotional stress, you need to be able to plant the seeds of success into your long distance relationship. Base on our research and experience, we have identified 7 elements that are essential to ensure the success of your Long Distance Relationship. Without all the 7 elements, your long distance relationship will be over as soon as it started. 

As usual, you may have read about the importance of these elements but none can come close to explaining them in relation to LDR. Apart from the explanation, we also provide the practical steps to how you can execute and manage the elements effectively in your long distance relationship.






3) Methods of Communications & Art of Communications in LDR.     



Do you find yourself having to pay tons of money on telephone cost and would you be excited if I tell you that you can call your Long Distance Partner free of charge? Find out more below..

Having to call your long distance lover on the phone will kill you financially if you do not know how to manage your communication cost. I have personally gone through this stage and I know how hard to maintain the balance between your money and the desire to hang on the phone with your long distance partner. I was so fortunate to discover some secrets that was able to save me USD 300.00 a month calling my Long Distance Lover and that is USD 3,600.00 saving a year. Imagine what you can do with the money! As for me, I used the extra money to visit my long distance partner.

Apart from the secrets, I also utilize some of the telecommunication methods to maximize my LDR experiences. With the proven workable techniques, you are able to save more than 90% of the actual telecommunication cost not mentioning the additional fun and excitement by experimenting on some of the communication methods. 

In fact you can actually talk to your partner without paying a single cent and you can learn all the secret in 10 minutes if you have the necessary equipment. It is the intention of this book to ASSIST you to select the best methods that suites your needs by listing all the disadvantages and disadvantages of each available methods. 


Apart from the telephone cost, have you ever find yourself having problem communicating with your distance partner especially when both of you are in different time zones? 


Learning to communicate effectively with your partner is also very important in each and every Long Distance Relationships. Since both of you are unable to see face to face, communication has become the important vehicle for both of you to nurture the long distance relationship. Hence this book has dedicated to teach you all about the arts of communication in LDR. If you ever happen to dread yourself having to wake up in the middle of the night to speak to your lover, dread no more! This guide will teach you exactly how you can manage your relationship over the distance and across different time zones. 




Long Distance Relationships


Imagine all the communication cost you can save by following the simple methods listed in this guide. I guarantee that you can recover the cost of this guide in less that 5 minutes after learning the new methods... 

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If you still do not sure whether this guide can help you, don’t take it from us….  

Below are some of the comments from readers who have just read the guide

Testimonials from my readers…...



Thank you so much for this book, at first I do not believe that Long Distance Relationship will ever work but after reading your book all my doubt has gone…. I can’t wait to get another book from you…

- May, Minneapolis, USA



  (Satisfied Customer)





You put a lot of effort in explaining each of the subjects and the book was full of fantastic tips, advice and suggestions. Based on your suggestions, I am able to save almost 80% calling my wife in Sweden .

I can never get such informative book elsewhere....

Craig, Sydney, Australia



(Satisfied Customer)




"We know that you can manage your Long Distance Relationship very well but we never think that you can write so well too. This book is going to help lot of couples in their Long Distance Relationship……"

- Lionel & Elaine, Singapore

  (A couple I know who had successfully conquer their 3 years of  Long    Distance Relationship)






All along I knew that you must have some special techniques to manage your LDR and now my suspicion is confirmed….. the book is awesome and I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

- Joyce, Melbourne, Australia

   (A friend from University of Melbourne )




Now after seeing the testimonial, I want to challenge you to another question about Long Distance Relationship.  


Is it possible to be able to grow together emotionally in LDR? 



The answer is a firm YES, you can do it with determination and know how. Since you can endure reading until this stage, I know that you definitely got the necessary determination. It is the knowledge that matters in deciding whether you can continue to nurture your Long Distance Relationship while living apart. 

Unfortunately it is sad to say that you cannot obtain the knowledge overnight unless you are mentored by someone who had gone through the stages. Understanding the fact, we had pieced together all the knowledge gained while working with couples who had successfully conquered their LDR. You had the opportunity to gain the valuables knowledge in this guide. 

It is not always easy for you to tell your partner how much you love him or her especially when they a so far away and therefore, we made it easier for you by giving you all the necessary tips and tricks to keep your long distance relationship interesting.

One Click Away From Learning the Secrets of How You can be Emotionally Close to your partner……..And as well as learning the secrets to how you can keep your LDR interesting.


Click here to Order Now with Free Bonuses!


Still not sure?....Consider the below question:-                                    

Is there any other Long Distance Relationship book that will conclude their book with a Chapter that is dedicated to the homecoming of your partner? 

Well we are proud to say that this book has a chapter dedicated to how you can manage the homecoming of your partner. You will be wrong if you think that the homecoming part is the easiest part to deal with. Let me tell you this, every single LDR couple we met confessed that they were completely lost when they were reunited with their partner. Instead from being happy, they feel stressed out…. not knowing the actual reasons.

Due to this fact, we had further explore into our research and found that the stress is unnecessary if you know how to manage the homecoming of your long distance partner.

Manage Your Way to A Perfect Distance Relationship Guide will reveal it all to you!


I read your book again just before my husband came back for good after 30 months of long distance relationship. … I found that it had help me and my husband to manage our life as a couple again. I am so lucky to have own your book….

Love, Patricia… UK

(Satisfied Customer)



Although how much I had prepare myself but Stephanie seems to have change after her long trip away..... I do not know what is happening until I discover the actual reasons in your book. Now I manage to get over the changes and your book really save our relationship.....


Christopher Ritz .... Finland 

(Satisfied Customer)


Why this book?

There are a lot books on the Net that talks about Long Distance Relationships, some provide stories and some even go into the extend of providing scientific data to prove their theory. Honestly speaking, most of them offers only limited real life experiences and some do not even cover the actual executing steps which is very important. What this book differs from the other is that it covers the topic from ground up, from the moment you step into a long distance relationship until it graduates into a higher level. It also comes with complete examples plus much more. WE left nothing to chances when it comes to anything that could affect your LDR. One of the most significant advantage of this book is that, it approach the subject from all angles apart from the management know how.  


Let us discover how this book can help you to manage your Long Distance Relationship....



In summary


  • It will reveal to you the 7 Myths and Truths surrounding Long Distance Relationships.


  • It will teach you how you can Manage your Emotional Stress relating to your Long Distance Relationships 


  • It shows you the 7 most Important Elements that you must follow in order to survive your Long Distance Relationships


  • It will reveal to you the Secrets of getting cheap telecommunication and as well as how you can use the suggested methods to maximize your interaction with your Long Distance Lover


  • In addition, it will also teach you the important art of communication skills that you must learn in Long Distance Relationships


  • How you can grow together with your long distance partner despite the physical distance


  • The book will also assist you in identifying the potential mistakes and problems that you should avoid in a Long Distance Relationships


  • It has lots of suggestions on how you can keep your Long Distance Relationships interesting and alive while living apart and finally,


  • Most importantly, it will also reveal to you on how you can manage the Re-entry of your Long Distance Relationships.



Remember, I successfully conquer my long distance relationships without any help from the so called experts, I do not even have to spend any additional money on the telephone calls and most importantly it is fun. Now I am happily married to the person whom has spent two years of her life in LDR with me and I am glad that we did !!

Now you can have results like this, too. Conquer your Long Distance Relationships and move higher into another level of relationship with your partner. I’m going to show you how to make it your reality, too!  So what are you waiting for? 


Order Now and get the free bonuses below!!


Free Bonuses


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Bonus #1 : A Guide to Romance in Long Distance Relationship

Lack of romance is often the root cause to problems in long distance relationship and it takes full commitment from both partners to maintain the romance in their LDR. This guide was written with the intention to help couples in long distance relationship to bring back the romance that they have always wanted - Value: $29.90

Long Distance Relationship Romance

Bonus #2 : Elements of A Successful Relationship

There are many elements that could contribute to the success of a relationship and it is very important to learn all these elements in order build a successful relationship. This guide was written with the intention to help romantic couples to discover the elements of success in their quest to a Successful Relationship - Value : $27.00


Successful Relationship

Bonus #3 : 101 Ways to Built Happy, Lasting Relationships

Whether dating or married the fact is that they are both hard to handle. Things do not always go perfectly, fighting does occur, and it takes a 100% commitment from both parties to make it a success.  However, there are 101 ways you can do to improve your relationship. The above guide is written to help you to built happy and lasting relationships - Value : $17.00

Bonus #4 : 101 Romantic Ideas

101 of fun and creative ideas to spice up your relationship. With little imagination and creativity, you can also use the tips provided in this book to enhance your long distance relationship - Value: $13.95


Bonus #5 : 10 Tips for Online Dating Safety

This guide reveals everything you ever wanted or needed to know about online dating safety. Whether you are a beginner or experts, the tips given will certainly give you the advantage when dating online - Value: $12.90


Bonus #6  : Develop Self-Confidence and Lose Your Fears

A lack of self-confidence is rooted in fear. It may be the fear of failure, success, rejection or any one of hundreds of other possible fears and you end up becoming obsessed with all the perceived inadequacies of your life or relationships. This guide will help you to develop your self confidence and destroy your fears resulted from uncertainties in any relationships especially LDR -  Value: $17.00


Together these 6 free bonuses are worth more than $117.75  but they’re all yours absolutely free when you purchase the Long Distance Relationship Guide at the special price of $19.95 only!


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You can't lose with our 100%

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Take 60 Days to put our Long Distance Relationships Guide to test. If you honestly think that it does not help you to manage your emotional stress, save huge amount on your long distance calls, show you how to survive and maintain a fun/healthy Long Distance Relationships, we'll give your money back... no question asked! Just contact us within 60 days and you still get to keep all the free bonuses.


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and download Instantly!


Special Note:  


We are now offering the book at special price of 

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"Manage Your Way to A Perfect Distance Relationship Guide"

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Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you can download the e-book instantly.

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Purchase online with credit card by secure server 

To your success,


Alex Chew

Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed

P/S : I can can't promise how long this Special Price will stay before it is increase to $37.00 or $47.00. So don't miss this special offer to conquer your long distance relationship with ease and fun.

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Successful Relationship

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There are many elements that could contribute to the success of a relationship and once your have learned all the simple strategies, you will be on the right track to a Successful Relationship.

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