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Long Distance Relationship Guide

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How to be Romantic in Long Distance Relationships
by Alex Chew


Throughout our experience working with long distance couples, we frequently heard that long distance relationship does not have the elements of romance in it. This is not caused by the lack of love in long distance relationship but couples in such situation just do not know how to be romantic to each other. Romance in long distance relationship is necessary and it can make your relationship stronger regardless how far your lover may be.

There are million of things you can do to increase the romance in your long distance relationship. The basic rule here is to build your ability to show your distance partner that you really cherish and value the relationship throughout your LDR. Below are some of the areas you must understand and practice in order to increase the romance in your long distance relationship.  

Sweet Talk

Communication is the most important thing in a long distance relationship and you must be able to talk sweetly over the telephone or any cheap channel that you can grab hold. Tell your partner that how you have missed and love them on their absence. Remember to tell your distance partner that you still treasure and care for them even when they are not physically around. Let them know that although you cannot be with them but you constantly think, enchanted and fascinated by them. Sweet talk can never be too much and you can do it as often as you like whenever you got the change to speak or communicate with your distance lover.

Listening with Care

Listening is the next most important thing in long distance relationship. It is important to be able to listen and understand completely the things that your partner is telling you whether it is about their day, wants or dreams. You are their only trusted person that they can look for to share and let their anger off without having to worry and therefore you must be able to listen with care when your partner needs you to lend them your ear. Sharing with your partner will always allow you to build and enhance the romantic moment in your relationship.

Love Note

Nothing is better that a written note with “I love you” message on it. Include this note whenever you send a letter to your distance partner or every time you send something to them. When you had the chance to meet your long distance partner, slip this note into their wallet, handbag, briefcase and etc without their knowledge. The note can be anything from simple “I miss you” to full blown love letter letting you distance partner know how much you have miss him or her.

Virtual Kiss

It may seem that kissing your partner is almost impossible in long distance relationship but you can always give a virtual kiss to your partner. You can always make a lipstick mark on a handkerchief with your mouth or write a “Kiss in Advance” note on a paper and send it to your partner. Tell your partner that you wanted to give them a kiss in advance and ask them to keep the handkerchief or note to remind you of the kiss when he or she sees you the next time.

Having Fun

Having fun is an important and serious matter in long distance relationship. Take the time to have fun with your distance lover. Both of your can always spend your time playing online computer game, surfing the internet, watching a movie at the same time or as well as spending the whole evening telling jokes to each other on the phone. Remember the good times that you both had while together and share them while chatting on the phone. You can also tease and make joke on your partner just to lighten up your conversation from time to time. Anyway you must know the limit as over teasing can cause hurt on your partner. The idea is to have fun while both of you had the opportunity to talk to each other on the phone.

Courtesy and Respect

Courtesy and respect are very important in long distance relationship. You partner may not be physically around but they are still part of your life and a little courtesy or respect can definitely pull both of your closer to each other. Remember to seek for your partner’s opinion in making a decision concerning the relationship and this will indirectly show them that you still care for them. Being romantic is to care, respect and understand your partner regardless where they may be.

Giving Compliments

Complimenting your partner is another way to show that you appreciate them in a long distance relationship. Think of something to complement your distance partner every day or every week. It does not have to be anything big or major. Something like “You look beautiful today” or “Your voice is sweet” will make your partner feel nice about them self even they are far away. On the other hand, you must remember to give only a sincere and honest compliment to your long distance partner. Your partner will certainly feel romantic knowing that you still admire and appreciate them despite the distance.

Above are the areas of romance to get you started and you can always create your own romantic moment by using the above examples. Be passionate about your LDR and romance will automatically show up at your doorstep. Lastly but not least I, on behalf of Perfect-Relationship.com would like to wish you all the best to your long distance relationship.


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About the Author

Alex Chew is an avid believer of Long Distance Relationship. He has been actively involved in helping distance couples on their journey through his research works and books. He is also the webmaster of http://www.perfect-relationship.com and the author of Manage Your Way to A Perfect Distance Relationship e-book.


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