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Long Distance Relationship Guide

LDR is not easy if you are not ready for one but with sheer determination and guidance, you can conquer it with ease. Managing your long distance relationship couldn't be more simpler with this guide...[Details]





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8 Ways to Improve your Long Distance Relationship

by Alex Chew


Couples in love may often find themselves having to live apart for a period of time throughout their relationship due to job commitment, studies, military obligation and etc. This has made us wonder whether a relationship can survive the physical distance. Different people may have different view towards the subject and if you ask me…. I will give you this answer… “YOU are the one who is going to determine whether it will work or not” “There are nobody in this world who can tell you whether you can survive or not except yourself”. Surviving a long distance relationship is not about promises or luck but it is very much dependent on how you think, act, manage and most importantly, how you want the outcome to be. Therefore it is very important to make up your mind whether you want the relationship to work or not. It will be easier once you have done that as there are tons of thing you can do to improve your distance relationship. Below are the ways you can use to survive and improve your distance relationship in summary.

1)  Do not believe all the myths that you have heard about Long Distance Relationship before checking it out yourself. Get support from someone who really can understand you and your distance relationship.

2)  Be prepared to manage your own emotion throughout the durations of your distance relationship with your partner. List out the potential emotional stress that you will be facing and discuss it with your partner. Find books or resources that can help you to manage your emotions in relation to Long Distance Relationship.

3)  Cultivate the 7 most essential elements that are required to make your distance relationship work,

i)        Plan and set reasonable objectives

ii)       Learn to trust your partner unconditionally

iii)       Prepare a statement of commitment

iv)      Learn to respect your distance partner

v)       Dedicate sometime to understand your partner despite the distance

vi)      Be patience to unforeseen circumstances in your distance relationship

vii)      Learn to give undivided attention to your distance partner.


4)  Cut down your telecommunication fees or cost by sourcing for cheap alternative to telephone calls. Emails, messaging service or Internet (and much more) can be the good alternatives to expensive long distance calls if you know how to use them effectively.

5)  Learn to communicate effectively over the media as mentioned above. The skill is necessary as you will be communicating with your distance partner without any clue from his or her body language. 

6)  In long distance relationship, it is possible to grow together while living apart. This can be done by following the some simple rules below:

i)        Never let the distance be a physical barrier to do what a normal couple will do in a relationship.

ii)       Feel free to convey your thought over to your distance partner as if he or she is sitting next to you. Distance should not hinder a distance couples from growing together in emotion.

iii)       Be proud of your relationship and most of all

iv)      Accept the fact the distance is temporary and view it from the positive mindset.

v)       Be open to new suggestions and most importantly be creative in your effort to bring fun to the relationship.


As a human, we are not perfect in everything, therefore, you must learn from your own mistake throughout the course of your long distance relationship. You can also find resources or helps from people who has experience the relationship and learn from them.

8)  Make preparation for the homecoming of your distance lover and look forward to bring your relationship to a higher level. The anticipation will definitely help both the distance partner to pull through.


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About the Author

Alex Chew is an avid believer of Long Distance Relationship. He has been actively involved in helping distance couples on their journey through his research works and books. He is also the webmaster of http://www.perfect-relationship.com and the author of Manage Your Way to A Perfect Distance Relationship e-book.


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